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I have, of course, been forced to abandon all publishing of my photographic work - despite it being 100% legal for me to do so - by weight of public opinion. I respect that, and will not continue now in 'stealth mode' even though it is technically easy to arrange. But because this web address is being watched by various media outlets, the parents of children who are worried about my ongoing activities, and of course the plain old sticky-beakers (welcome!) I will continue to use the site to express my views on what happened, how the public has reacted to me, and various other related items. Strangely enough, I'll probably get 3 times the 'hits' now that I did when it was a photo gallery, but hey, I don't get paid by results!

We live (thank goodness) in a free country. People risk their lives and their children's lives to cram into leaky boats just to get here, such is our reputation for justice and fair play. And it's just a damn nice place to be, otherwise I would have stayed in the UK or New Zealand, where I've lived previously.

Since my initial comments are preserved on the archive page, I can move on here. The main accusation in the original Courier-Mail 'exposť' apart from the undeniable fact that I was photographing children without asking permission, then publishing them on the Internet, was that this site was linked to a pedophile network or ring - see here, here and here (C-M stories.) I've tried to explain my side of this allegation on TV and radio, but you need to see it in writing to understand just how long a bow these gutter journalists can go to 'get the story'.

Here is an excerpt from the very lengthy document (dated 1998, please note!) that they call a link to 'Pedo University'. I downloaded the document after a long search to find this alleged link - before all this happened I was totally unaware of it's existence,  and frankly I wish I still was. The stuff I have cut out would make your hair curl, it is utterly disgusting, and parents should be far more worried about the sick person who wrote it than they need to be on my account. I will NOT put a link to the original page (gone, but still found on Google's cache) because I don't want to be accused of  propagating it further. And of course I take no responsibility for, or endorse in any way, the expressions contained within it.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) for the Usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.<snip> (abpept) (v. 1.12 07/04/98)

This introduction by Groucho, the Dean of Pedo University, will give you the most important facts and tips for survival in abpept. If you don't think you have time for the entire FAQ, at least read this short section!

<snip 27 pages of horrible stuff>

X.9  abpept can surely not be the only source for interesting material on the Internet. What other resources are worth investigating?

Usenet news: The following newsgroups are known to contain useful material:

<snip several erotica group names>

- alt.binaries.pictures.fashion.youth [abpfy] (no sex, no nudes, but nice kid pictures, sometimes in underwear or swimwear; very little spam)

- alt.binaries.pictures.children (no sex, no nudes, even more restrictive than abpfy with regard to possible erotic connotations)

[Note: These two groups are often cross-posted together]

<followed by several more erotica group names>

So you can see, almost 7 years ago one very sick individual added the name of a newsgroup (one of up to 75,000 in existence) that I have chosen to post to exclusively because it was so clean. He didn't exactly give it a ringing endorsement I think you'd agree. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the total basis for the 'link' upon which the Courier-Mail (alleged!) journalists hung their story. Talking of hanging, I think the three reporters who are directly responsible for the outrageous campaign against me - which went far beyond the bare facts - should hang their heads in shame. I'd show you their photos, but funnily enough none of them appear amongst the 'meet the reporters' pictures page on their own website!

I've said it before, and I've said it again, I DID WRONG. I should not have taken those pictures without permission, and I especially shouldn't have archived them openly on the WWW, where any twisted individual could have found them. But I have been checking the 'AddFreeStats' site every day for the last 4 years to keep an eye on the statistics of visitors to my web(s) and have only once in all that time spotted a suspicious link into it - in October 2004 I got 300 page views from an obvious pedophile bulletin board (a sort of 'list of recommendations' for people to follow). I found an email address for a contact there and demanded my site referral be removed immediately. I emailed an American anti-pedophile reporting website with the URL of the board, then changed the name of my front page (from 'home.html' to 'homed.html') in order to kill the link. I had no further problems.

So did I know my work could have been viewed by perverts? Yes I did, I'm not stupid, but I did everything I could to protect the site from such grubs who search the web for anything they can use or trade. And for 4 years, not only did I avoid those people, but I  managed to satisfy  any other person that 'stumbled upon the site by accident' (like Kevin Costner fans!)  that there was nothing untoward going on. 

And in the end, one minor political party employee found it (how, one asks - what search terms was he using exactly?) and decided to make a noise about it. Well mate, you succeeded big time. Visitor numbers at Southbank are probably way down, with half the parents in Brisbane too scared to go there. A friend (yes, I still have some!) suggested that it was an incredible coincidence that I was 'outed' just days after a creep assaulted a one year old boy, and another man was arrested for exposing himself in the pools. Could it possibly be that The Courier-Mail knew about me weeks or months ago but kept quiet so that when a genuine incident of concern occurred (as it certainly would with the lousy security they had there) then they could go for gold with the exclusive? Well I can't prove it of course, but when did that get in the way of a good story?

Do you know what though? I've not crawled under a rock as a result of this mess - you can see that just by what I'm doing here. I have had a ton of support from all walks of life. Obviously my fellow correspondents on ABPFY have been 100% in my favour, because they know this circus could have happened to them, and they don't want to lose the best and cleanest binary group of the lot. But I also found a high level of support from odd places like an eBay Australia discussion board (where that revolting photo of me with the gum leaves came from!) Some rants of course, but many others saying 'you did wrong but you did it for pure reasons, and were brave to face the cameras so calmly'. (One lady even said she'd let me baby sit her youngsters if the opportunity arose!)

 I've been to the supermarket and other shops, my bank and several places where my face is well known, and the subject has never even come up,  and people still smile at me when I smile at them. I spent this morning at the hospital (I'm a kidney failure patient) and I talked with the nurses in the renal unit about what went on. Again, no criticism or dirty looks. Not one obscene phone call, even though with my name and address publicly known it would hardly be difficult to find my number. The neighbours haven't changed, they were already surly, loud and messy before this, so I'm delighted they are avoiding me even more! Besides, I'm  dumb enough to only speak English, so we don't have a common language...

So I'm sorry, Courier Mail, but apart from selling a few more copies of your sad excuse for a paper, which may well be offset by those you don't sell in future to people disillusioned  by your sleazy tactics and manufactured piffle, and of course scaring the bejesus out of the citizenry, you have achieved very little. What a criminal waste of trees...

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